We know that choosing a candle online can be tricky, especially if you're buying as a gift - double whammy challenge. We've put together our guide to the Studio Forty Seven scents based on the smells you already know you like.


You love incense and moody, musky scents

Pause is the epitome of moody and musky. Nag Champa is a meditative concoction of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli and cinnamon. The frankincense essential oil in Pause is an aromatic, muky pine with notes of citrus and spice making it the perfect candle for calming, grounding and of course... pausing.


You're a fan of feminine florals

Look no further than Bloom. Bloom is a blend of white and pink peonies with a touch of vanilla to give things a little more depth and body. The peonies steal the show in this one though, it reminds me of a warm, spring afternoon sat in the garden with a glass or wine... or three.


You "ooh" when you climb into freshly washed bedding

Clean is quite a mix of scents - pine, lemon, jasmine, gardenia, cedarwood and musk... so it can be hard to imagine when it smells like. The easiest way to describe Clean is fresh laundry! It's perfect for a spring clean day. I also love it as a bathroom candle. 


Fruity scents are the scents for you

Play is the only fruity scent in the collection. With berries, white florals and vanilla blended perfectly, Play is a soft, fruity, happy kind of scent. It's a really good one for the home working desk.


The one if you need help relaxing or getting to sleep

Dream is a Lavender explosion. The lavender will fill the room even when the candle isn't burning so you kind of need to be a lavender fan with Dream! There's a hint of Clary Sage in there too - a sweet green, floral spicy with a tea-like nuance. Despite its name, Dream isn't just for bedtime, it makes a great daytime candle to relax with. 


You want something fresh

Breathe is packed full of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. It's one of the strongest scents in the collection and you'll smell it as soon as you open the postal box. It's minty, warming and also happens to be one of our best selling scents.