Price increases

After lots of thought and major hesitation, I’ll be increasing my pricing on Sunday 4th July. The price of a large candle will increase to £25 and a mini will be £12.

Covid and Brexit hit my suppliers, and their suppliers hard, and although candle making was huge throughout lockdown, shipping restrictions meant that some manufacturers lost a huge chunk of their business, resulting in some of the components in my candles being discontinued or increased in price. In short, the combination of both things has been a nightmare.

For the past couple of months I’ve taken the hit and absorbed the extra costs, but working on that basis means that it’ll be impossible for me to grow the business because I simply won't have the cash to reinvest.


I hope you understand why I’ve had to make this tough decision, I promise that it wasn't taken lightly, but with the increases I'll be able to keep developing and improving so ultimately you'll get a much better product.



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