Winter Favourites Gift Set

Winter Favourites Gift Set


There are two types of Christmas shoppers in the world. 1. Buy all of the gift sets known to human and hope for the best. 2. Spend the entire year prior trying to pick up hints for potential gifts. 


Well, we’ve made life very easy for person 1 and person 2. Not only do you get 4 autumnal / wintery / Christmassy scents in the Winter Favorite Gift set, you also get 100% giftee satisfaction because all 4 scents are unreal (if we say so ourselves) 


Ok, so we don’t actually have any data behind the 100% giftee satisfaction but we’re confident that they’ll love you for life when they get a whiff of these. 


Included in the Winter Favourites Gift Set: 


25 - Our new and exclusive Christmas scent: Cinnamon, Orange and Clove


Fireside - Your own personal mini fireplace of Woodsmoke, Incense and Jasmine


Dusk - A cosy blend of Sandalwood, Patchouli & Amber

Laze - Sweet and warming Vanilla Bean

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